Unveiling Extraordinary Talents: Lord’s Signature Hotel's Exclusive School Farewell Events!

At Lord’s Signature Hotel, we believe in celebrating the remarkable journey of students as they bid farewell to significant milestones in their academic lives. That’s why we’re thrilled to invite schools to showcase their extraordinary talents at Lord’s Market, a venue synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

“Show Us Your Schools Talent” – An Unforgettable Farewell Experience

This year, Lord’s Signature Hotel is offering an unparalleled opportunity for schools to win exclusive discounts towards hosting their Grade 7, Grade R, or Matric Farewell events at our prestigious venue. The excitement kicks off with three special dates dedicated to celebrating these pivotal moments:

  • 27 April – Matric Farewell: An enchanting evening for high school seniors to create lasting memories as they bid adieu to their school years.

  • 1 June – Grade 7 Farewell: A joyful occasion for primary school students transitioning to the next chapter of their educational journey.

  • 31 August – Grade R Farewell: A heartwarming event for the little ones who are about to embark on their primary school adventure.

Lord’s Market – The Perfect Stage for Unforgettable Performances

The highlight of these farewell events will be the captivating performances at Lord’s Market, our exclusive performance space. This unique setting adds an extra layer of charm to the festivities, providing a stage where talents can shine and memories can be etched in the hearts of students, parents, and educators alike.

How to Enter and More Information

Entering the competition is as easy as showcasing your school’s talents. Visit our website at www.ls-hotel.co.za for detailed information on how to participate, submission guidelines, and event details. We encourage schools to unleash their creativity and make each farewell event truly special.

Exciting Prizes Await Your School

As a token of appreciation for the dedication and talent displayed, Lord’s Signature Hotel is delighted to offer generous discount prizes:

  • 1st Prize: R20,000 discount
  • 2nd Prize: R12,500 discount
  • 3rd Prize: R5,500 discount

These substantial discounts can go a long way in making your school’s farewell event an even more spectacular and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Celebrate Achievements, Create Memories

At Lord’s Signature Hotel, we understand the importance of marking significant milestones in style. Our commitment is to provide a sophisticated and enchanting backdrop for these memorable events. So, bring forth your school’s talent, let the performances sparkle, and create unforgettable memories at Lord’s Market.

Join us in celebrating the achievements and talents of your students. Lord’s Signature Hotel is more than a venue; it’s a canvas where dreams are painted and memories are crafted. We look forward to hosting your school’s farewell event and making it an occasion to remember!

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