Honeymoon Suite

Unveil a realm of unparalleled romance in our captivating Honeymoon Suite, meticulously designed to immerse you in an atmosphere where every detail is a tribute to the celebration of love. Elevate your connection with your beloved as you immerse yourselves in a haven curated with amenities that awaken passion and cocoon you in comfort. The luxurious bath/shower invites you to savour intimate moments, while satellite TV and WiFi ensure modern convenience without intruding on the magic of togetherness.

Behold the allure of the finest vista in the hotel – the Honeymoon Suite presents an unobstructed view of the pool’s shimmering waters and the panoramic grandeur of the entire property. With every gaze, you’ll be reminded of the shared journey that brought you here, and the promise of a future bathed in love and tranquility.

A symphony of romance is orchestrated further with a complimentary breakfast that punctuates your mornings with delightful flavors. Allow the aroma of freshly prepared delicacies to awaken your senses, marking the beginning of days where memories are woven seamlessly into the fabric of luxury and refinement.

Embark on your journey of love within a sanctuary of grace and splendour, where the Honeymoon Suite encapsulates the essence of devotion and elegance, ensuring that the echoes of your time here resonate forever as cherished tokens of your enduring bond.



  • Check in 14h00
  • Early check-in subject to availability and to extra cost


  • Check-out at 10:00.
  • Express check-out can be arranged.
  • Late check out subjected to availability and to extra cost.